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Van Air EDV-115 2006 Drain Valve
Retail: $195.00
Price: $174.00
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Van Air Systems Item #: 39-10500 -

The EVD-115 Terminator Electric Drain Valve (formerly EDV-2006 drain valve) is a competitively priced and durable electric drain valve. The Van Air EDV-115 Drain Valve automatically removes condensate from your air system. It features an integral strainer to prevent clogging and downtime. Save money by eliminating the need for manual draining, and the expensive routine of bleeding or leaving manual drain valves slightly open. Terminate Condensate in Your Air Lines:Cooling, drying and filtering...

Walker Filtration CSED0106N 1/2" NPT Zero Loss Electric Drain Valve
Price: $400.00
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Walker Filtration Item #: CSED0106N -

The smart solution to condensate management is now possible with an automatic and efficient zero-loss electric drain valve. The Walker Filtration CondenSmart Electronic Drain is engineered to remove oil-contaminated condensate from the compressed air production system without allowing air to escape. Controlled by an advanced processor, the device prevents blockages with a specially engineered series of integrated sensory valves that adjust automatically when condensate is detected at the...