Eaton MODULINE Bag Filter Housings Save Space for Multi-Bag Projects

Eaton MODULINE™ bag filter housing system incorporates three or more single bag filter housings into one compact and efficient bag filter system. The Eaton MODULINE bag filter housings can be equipped with Eaton Flowline™ bag filter housings for coarse filtration, the Eaton Sideline™ filter housings for a wider range of applications or the top of the line Topline™ bag filter housings.

Eaton MODULINE bag filters are a compact design that can be easily upgraded with additional filter housings and extra banks to improve your filtration process.

The multi-vessel bag filter arrangement is designed for continuous flow rates. Each Eaton filter bag housing is individually valved and can be taken off-line in sequence for bag filter changeouts without having to take the complete bank of bag filter vessels off line.

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