Eaton Model 72 Simplex Basket Strainer – Shop Online

Our sister e-commerce site, the Strainer Store, currently features the Eaton Model 72 Strainer. The Eaton Model 72 Strainer has been the industry standard simplex basket strainer for over 70 years. A few of the reasons for its popularity:

  1. Very large basket capacity not found with other simplex basket strainers.
  2. The Free Strainer Area is at least 6 times the cross-sectional pipe area.
  3. No tools are required to open the strainer basket cover.
  4. The quick-open swing yoke can be disassembled and the basket removed in seconds.

Eaton Model 72 Strainers are heavy duty simplex basket strainers. From the heavy wall thickness to the precision machined basket seats, each strainer is hydro-statically tested at 150% of its maximum rated pressure which helps make the Eaton Model 72 Strainer a high quality, heavy duty strainer that will stand up to the most demanding of applications. There is no better simplex basket strainer made.

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