Filtration Media for Solid Particulate Removal

There are thousands of different types of filter element media used today. It is important to make sure the filtration media selected is suitable for your application.

If all you require is to remove solid particulate contamination from an air or gas stream, then you don’t need a high efficiency coalescing filter element or other more expensive filtration media. Note that coalescing filters not only remove condensate, but also solid particulates, but why spend the extra money (and have your filter elements plugged up more often) when you don’t need to?

The typical filtration media used for solid contamination removal is Polyester media which is usually rated for removal of 98% of 10 microns and larger. Other polyester based filtration medias are capable of finer filtration.

Now that we have a better idea of what you want to filter, there are a few other factors that we’ll look at in the future, including temperature rating and chemical compatibility.

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