New Van Air R Series Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers

The Van Air Systems RD Series of non-cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers have been revamped and renamed to R Series. The new R Series non-cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers still deliver the highest quality compressed air with precise dew point control in an extremely compact package.

In industrial compressed air applications, operational conditions vary widely and flexibility is key for compressed air dryers. Using advanced heat transfer technology, R Series air dryers guarantee continuous performance and superior efficiency in a wide range of conditions.

Pressure drop typically accounts for a third of a dryer’s overall operating cost. With the R Series compressed air dryers, pressure drop is half that of most competitive air dryers. The R Series refrigerated dryer features an innovative 3-in-one heat exchanger, which guarantees low pressure drop, typically less than 1.45 PSID.

Other refrigerated dryer benefits include:

  • Competitive pricing & delivery
  • Plug and play design for quick installation
  • 35-40F dew point
  • Micro-footprint
  • Operation in ambient temperatures up to 120F
  • Maximum compressed air inlet temperature 150F
  • Quick drain access
  • 10 – 175 SCFM Rating
  • 232 PSIG Design Pressure