Panel Filter Replacement Elements for Air Intake Filters & Compressors

Large industrial air compressors can cost one million dollars. The filter panels and filter elements used to protect that very expensive air compressor are a crucial factor. Less dirt, less maintenance and less chances of expensive failure or replacement for your air compressor.

We offer high quality replacement panel filter elements for nearly every major manufacturer and OEM of panel filters and air intake filter housings. A little know fact in the filtration world, you didn’t hear it from us, is that a lot of major filter panel OEMs don’t make their own filter panels anymore. We have been supplying filter panels to replace AAF, Atlas Copco, Cameron, Consler, Endustra, Hoffman, Ingersoll Rand, Joy, NAFCO, Sunshine and more filter panel “manufacturers.”

Our panel filter elements have proven their exceptional performance and value in replacing existing panel filters. Unlike typical HVAC panel filters, our industrial high efficiency panel filter elements remove dust that is too small for the naked eye to see. High efficiency, low pressure drop and solid particulate protection for engines, blowers, axial compressors and turbines.

  • Rugged industrial panel filter construction
  • Galvanized steel frames
  • Metal straps for ease of removal
  • Metal support screens on both sides of panel filter

From 24? x 24? x 2? filter panels to 24? x 24? x 12? filter panels, with capacities from 1250 SCFM to 2500 SCFM, we have a filter panel that will meet or exceed your OEM filter panel.

So despite paying a lot less, there is no need to worry about protecting that million dollar compressor. Hundreds of thousands of our filter elements have had no trouble at all.

Panel Filter Elements in all shapes and sizes… only from the Industrial Filter Store.

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