Portable Compressed Air Dryer Skid Packaged Systems

Van Air skid mounted compressed air dryer packages provide a complete air drying system in a portable package. Both deliquescent air dryers and regenerative air dryers are available in complete skid mounted compressed air dryer systems which include the compressed air dryer, aftercooler and required filters.

The Blast Pak deliquescent air dryer system and the Prep 40 regenerative air dryer system are the only compressed air drying systems complete with an aftercooler available anywhere!

The Van Air Blast Pak compressed air dryer system is the finest choice for removing moisture in portable sandblasting applications. The Blast Pak reduces production downtime in all coating and lining processes by preventing air-line contamination, clogged blast pots, flash rusting, and air-line freeze-ups.

The Blast Pak compressed air dryer system is designed to operate at 100 PSIG and 180° F inlet temperatures with a 200 PSIG maximum working pressure. Standard systems can handle 250 through 1600 SCFM, but custom systems are available as well.

For regenerative compressed air dryer applications, and for the ultimate in mobility and portability, look no further than the Van Air Prep 40 regenerative compressed air dryer system. The Prep 40 series delivers clean, dry and cool compressed air in one integrated forklift skid package. The compressed air dryer package includes an aftercooler, moisture separator, pre- and after-filters, and an HL series heatless dryer. No other air dryer manufacturer offers a skid packaged regenerative compressed air dryer with an onboard aftercooler. The compete air drying package is designed for anyone who needs -40°F dry compressed air. Eliminate the use of a separate aftercooler and save time and hassle with portable air preparation packages for cool, clean and dry compressed air.

Check out prices for both of our Portable Compressed Air Dryer Systems.

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