Van Air Cool PAK Aftercooler System

The Van Air Cool Pak Aftercooler System has been gaining some traction in the portable market during these summer months. The Cool Pak delivers cool filtered compressed air for portable jobs reducing the harmful effects of liquid contaminants. Designed for use with portable 185 CFM compressors. The Cool PAK was designed to be an affordable solution to provide filtered, compressed air to jobs where portability matters, and a Dry Pak Pro may not be an economical solution.

The Cool Pak system consists of an air-cooled aftercooler with a 12VDC motor, 25 micron air filter/bulk moisture separator, and a manual drain. All of this is conveniently packaged on a steel constructed stand, with a rock guard, and protective cord wrap for ease of portability. With a maximum working pressure of 150 PSIG, the Cool Pak is ideal for portable blasting, construction sites and for protecting air tools and small blast pots. The Cool Pak is also gaining interest being sold alongside a Deliquescent Dryer for those that need a more regulated dew point supression. Regardless the application, the Cool Pak is an affordable means for anyone that has a portable compressor.

Click for more information on the Van Air Cool Pak Portable Aftercooler/Filter Combo Portable System here. Cool Pak's are in-stock and ready to ship!

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