Van Air Freedom Single Tower Compressed Air Dryers

Single tower compressed air dryers are very simple beasts which use an absorbent desiccant. Water vapor is removed from the air as it flows through the absorbent desiccant. The deliquescent desiccant slowly absorbs moisture and eventually simply dissolves out the drain valve. Non-toxic, no electricity, no moving parts – the single tower compressed air dryer is the best solution for a wide range of compressed air drying applications.

Van Air is the originator of single tower dryer technology. The Van Air Freedom single tower absorbent desiccant compressed air dryers prevent moisture in pipelines by suppressing the pressure dew point by 20° F or more from the inlet temperature. The Freedom single tower deliquescent desiccant dryers are adaptable to changing conditions and can be installed indoors or out. They are the most versatile and cost-effective air dryers manufactured today.

Van Air single tower compressed air dryers require minimal maintenance, have no moving parts, and are built to last. With low initial capital investment and operating costs, energy-free and environmentally safe operation, and wide application versatility, our single tower compressed air dryers are the winning choice for maximizing air system efficiency and corporate profits.

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