Item #: AC-10-1
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  • Horizontal or vertical flow directions
  • Galvanized steel cabinet
  • Open vented motor
  • Pressure drop less than 3 PSI at 80 to 120 PSIG
  • 115-1-60 ODP
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    Van Air AC-10 Air-Cooled Aftercooler is an efficient and reliable air-cooled aftercooler for cooling compressed air. The major advantage of an air-cooled aftercooler is that it uses always available atmospheric air which costs nothing. Compressed air discharged from an air compressor is hot and filled with water vapor. An after-cooler reduces the amount of water in a compressed air system.

    Hot and moist air from the compressor is cooled quickly to a safe and usable temperature thanks to the Van Air triple-cool process. Compressed air enters the inlet manifold and is evenly distributed through a series of S-shaped copper tubes. The air flows across the cooling surface three times before it enters the outlet manifold. The heat transferred to the finned-tube core section dissipates the heat with a motor-driven fan. As the compressed air is cooled a substantial amount of moisture is condensed and collected into the separator installed on the aftercooler outlet. The Van Air AC aftercoolers can be Installed indoor or outdoor.

    Van Air AC series aftercoolers are normally sized for a 15°F (or less) approach to ambient air.


    • Your compressor discharges 250°F air.
    • Aftercooler is located in 80°F ambient conditions.
    • With a 15°F approach, the air exiting the aftercooler will be 95°F and saturated.
    • The moisture created by cooling from 250°F to 95°F will condense.

    View capacities, sizing instructions, and dimensions in the Specifications Tab above.

    Sizing instructions:
    1. Determine inlet temperature to aftercooler.
    2. Determine desired outlet temperature. (Aftercooler outlet temperature = ambient temp. + approach)
    3. Determine needed approach. (Approach = desired outlet temp. - ambient temp.)
    4. Find flow (SCFM) under column of correct inlet and approach temperatures and read left for model number.

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