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  • Modular filter design allows for multi-bank filtration systems and easy upgrades.
  • Space efficient design up to 65% lighter and 45% smaller than traditional filter housings.
  • Save up to 80% in maintenance service and installation time.
  • Top Loading element design and externally accessible drain valve.
  • Threaded (NPT) filter housings available in 2", 2.5", and 3" sizes.
  • Designed for flows from 700 - 1500 SCFM, up to 232 psig, and 248°F.
  • Five filtration grades from 25 micron to 0.01 micron for particulate, coalescing, and oil vapor filters.
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    Walker PRO XF Multi Stage Compressed Air Filter System

    Walker Filtration’s PRO XF high efficiency compressed air filters feature an innovative modular design and provide a flexible, reliable, and compact compressed air filtration solution.

    Walker PRO XF filter housings take a revolutionary approach to the traditional fabricated filter housing. The compact and flexible modular design is ideal for use in multi compressor installations and skid-based compressor or air dryer packages. The modular design allows you to add additional filter modules for a compact multi-stage filtration system. The filter module incorporates slim-line connections for an efficient design that is up to 65% lighter and 45% smaller than comparative fabricated filter housings.

    The Walker PRO XF filter elements are available with coalescing, particulate, vapor and dust filtration grades. They provide a comprehensive compressed air filtration solution for high flow applications with flow rates from 700 to 3000 SCFM and up to 232 psig. Specifically designed for ease of installation and maintenance, the PRO XF can save up to 80% in installation and maintenance time. All components are in stock to eliminate downtime.

    The new Walker PRO XF range of compressed air filter housings will meet and exceed the highest standards of air purity when tested in accordance with ISO8573-1: 2010 air quality classes.

    The PRO XF range is available in both Complete and Modular Filter housings which, when combined, deliver a compact and cost effective multi-banked filtration solution. The PRO XF modular design always starts with a Complete Filter Vessel (Particulate Filter, Coalescing Filter, Vapor Filter or Water Separator), which includes either threaded or flanged inlet and outlet ports.

    Additional Filter Modules, which are supplied with slim-line connectors and no inlet and outlet ports, can then be added to create a compact and versatile multi-banked solution.

    Save 30% on each multi-bank filter module compared to buying individual fabricated filter housings.
    *Cost saving based on equivalent sized complete filter unit.

    Walker PRO XF Filter ElementsWalker PRO XF filter elements are designed to deliver optimum performance in line with the highest standards of air purity. Meeting quality standard ISO 8573-1:2010 and providing a reliable compressed air filtration solution for use in industrial applications.

    Available in four filtration grades, from 5 micron to 0.01 micron, for particulate, vapor and coalescing filters, PRO XF filter elements utilize either pleated or wrapped media. Walker Filtration’s technical design engineers have selected the most appropriate method of construction for each element grade, ensuring PRO XF filter elements deliver optimum filtration performance every time.

    Filter Element Features & Benefits

    • ‘Easy-Grip’ element minimizes risk of contact with contaminated filtration media and enables quick and clean servicing (Patent pending)
    • Engineered profiled seal prevents contamination bypass and allows for clean element change out
    • Flow directing endcap for enhanced air flow and reduced differential pressure
    • ‘Drop and lock’ element design eliminates the need for tie rods, improving air flow through the filter element and simplifying element installation
    • Color coded corrosion resistant endcaps for easy and accurate filtration grade identification
    • High efficiency hydrophobic and oleophobic custom engineered filter media for improved efficiencies and coalescence
    • Custom outer drainage layer prevents oil carryover
    • Pleated and wrapped media based on most efficient construction for filtration grade required. Wrapped construction for AC/RAC grades, pleated construction for high efficiency filtration

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